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Jul 08, 2009

DCE Alumni Association of North America (DAANA) is a powerful network of more than 1,100 alumni of Delhi College of Engineering, spread across North America. Established in USA to unite DCE'ites in North America, DAANA is a registered & incorporated organization. Within the DAANA network are some of the leading & most influential technologists, entrepreneurs, executives & academicians in the Engineering Industry, Silicon Valley, Wall Street, Academia and the Government respectively.
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The mission of DAANA is to provide an organization for interaction among DCE alumni, its present students and faculty and co-ordinate efforts to encourage life long connections within the DCE community. Its objectives are:
  1. To promote and provide services for alumni of DCE, especially encouraging their continued growth, personally and professionally, and a spirit of fraternity among alumni
  2. To provide social & career networking for alumni
  3. To assist in the career development of alumni
  4. To recognize the distinguished services & accomplishments of alumni
  5. To facilitate & encourage alumni interaction with DCE and to create the annual giving program
  6. To work towards visible interaction between alumni, students & faculty by providing regular events, visits & seminars
All graduates of Delhi College of Engineering and/or Delhi Polytechnic staying/living/working/studying in North America are considered associate members of DAANA. The DAANA membership is free for all. All members receive the following benefits (pending up-to-date contact details):
  • Access to DAANA online directory, our online community where you can search for old friends, get connected to new friends & keep in touch with the other DCE alumni
  • Access to DAANA career resources
  • Attend alumni networking events
  • Keep up-to-date on happenings in DCE through eDAANAtimes
  • Express yourself, share your thoughts, ideas on DAANA Forum or Alumni notes
  • Many opportunities to stay connected & give back to the college
To reap all of these benefits as a DCE alumnus, it is of an essence that you keep your contact information current. Please register or update your contact details or send an email at

Happy Networking!